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Alexander Nørgaard Studio is an independent, full-service graphic design studio based in Mallorca, operating worldwide. Working on an international portfolio of projects, the studio applies an honest and tactile aesthetic to all projects from a culturally and contextually informed approach.

The studio focuses on crafting perfectly balanced and sophisticated contemporary solutions that match every clients needs. The studio’s practice is constantly navigating between printed matter and digital ecosystems, always seeking for new opportunities to tell engaging, honest, adaptable and refined stories Alexander Nørgaard Studio prioritises a powerful conceptual foundation in order to craft an all-encompassing approach, where content and form are intimately weaved together through an impeccable execution.

The bespoke visual language created for every commission, is developed to support each client’s needs, values and identity; this is how singularity is crafted, adapted and communicated through a coherent and honest way of conceptualising projects. Every project is an opportunity to challenge convention, empower innovation and create enduring beauty in a process that is both exciting and rewarding.

Alejandro Sanz Seguí (Palma, 1994). Born and raised in the Mediterranean, Alejandro is a graphic designer specializing in editorial design and art direction. Passionate about art direction, and typography a keen eye for detail, he constantly finds himself navigating between printed publications and digital environments, exploring the possibilities of crafting narrative through different media that feel like a unique opportunity to generate new visual languages.

Alejandro has been developing editorial, digital, and branding projects for more than 6 years. An entrepreneurial spirit with a calm and reflective nature, he considers himself a strategic “thinker” when it comes to weaving concepts together and developing graphic languages. Alejandro is a graphic designer who firmly believes that everything has a conceptual foundation.

He graduated in Graphic Design with an extraordinary mention in EASDIB. He has a MA in Editorial Design and winner of two ADG FAD Laus awards for the best graphic (Gold) and web (Silver) design projects. He worked in Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, and Munich. In 2016 I founded Earthink, in 2019 worked at Folch Studio (Narrative Business Design) as a Digital Designer developing best-in-class digital environments, and amid the pandemic, he founded Alexander Nørgaard Studio, which he continues to lead.

He has worked with ElBullifoundation, Canon Europa, Engel & Völkers, Govern de les Illes Balears, and TUI among others. I like challenges and surround myself with people from whom I can continue learning. If something defines me, it is building concepts, presenting ideas, and executing with care, all with a proactive attitude of the most expeditious nature

“My character is deliberately creative, intelligent, and progressive. I focus on nurturing these qualities through research and innovation. I am a curious, dynamic, proactive, and provocative designer who wants to explore new relationships between design and content while deepening the symbiosis between print and digital. I shy away from templates, I abhor shortcuts. I always look for ways to create the best possible experience and find a thousand ways to fine-tune it. I help achieve clarity and create meaningful assets based on a strong conceptual approach. I am a storyteller who offers an authentic and unique approach.”

“In a moment of unprecedented transformation, consider that the role of the designer must be incredibly versatile and open: willing to rethink new channels of communication and connect with audiences through pregnant experiences and contemporary solutions; working not only as a designer, but also as a creator, content curator, producer, and even starting strategies around the concept. I consider myself a hybrid between digital native and passionate about paper, who relies on his powers of observation to be able to transform an idea across multiple channels and assets amid a rapidly changing paradigm.”

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