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Web Design, Book Design, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Advertising, Copywriting, Editorial Design, Content Creation, Naming, Packaging, Redesign, UX/UI, Workshops.

Born and raised in the Mediterranean, I am a graphic designer specializing both in the fields of editorial and digital design. Sensible for art direction and typography, I am constantly navigating between printed matter and digital environments, exploring storytelling possibilities among many different mediums which, each of them, feel like a unique opportunity to develop a new visual language.

I consider myself a hybrid between digital native and paper fetishist, who relies on his observation ability to be able to transform an idea into multiple channels and assets in a rapidly changing paradigm. My work stands out for a passionate attention to details and transparent communication, coupled with a deep understanding of the briefing and finesse at the time of designing.

I believe that three key things make good design essentially good: (1) Understanding and prioritizing client’s values on top of everything. (2) Working from honesty, using an assertive and open communication. (3) Developing a strong conceptual approach in order to generate tailored formal solutions.

In 2017 I graduated with an extraordinary mention in Graphic Design at EASDIB (Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears), Palma, Spain, and also studied “Arts Plastiques, Arts Appliquées” at UTJJ (Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès), Toulouse, France. After finishing my studies, I kept developing my skills as a graphic designer in /Gen_ético Agency and then co–founded Earthink with Andrés Ramírez (Studiograma).

In 2018 I moved to Barcelona to study a MA in Editorial Design at ELISAVA (Escola Universitara de Disseny i Enginyería de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain, and then joined Folch Studio as Junior Graphic Designer in the ranks of the Digital Team. I am currently living in Mallorca, where I work on both commercial and self–initiated projects.

This website reflects, only and exclusively, selected works. Take in consideration that this serves to expose a design practice and an approach through a brief compendium of images. CV, full portfolio and professional work references are available upon request. For any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact via e–mail.


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